Sunday, 16 March 2014

you ate all the shrimp? that's so shellfish.

Those who know me IRL will know that I love shellfish. Steamed, grilled, baked, boiled; I will enthuse about it with gusto. Now they can apply the same principle to faux fur coats. The internet has been going wild over Shrimps for a while and I was previously in a "yeah whatever it seems alright but who needs faux fur in March and i'm not sure orange goes with anything i own" sort of mindset.

But after a sneaky selfie in Opening Ceremony, my mind is changing and my credit card is itching. Given the impending release of Shrimps on Net-a-porter (including a more sensible navy option), here are my top 3 reasons why everyone (and, in particular, why I) should buy a Shrimps coat:

1. It's always cold somewhere. I might have to take an emergency trip to Svalbard and it's important to be prepared.
2. The coat itself is totally fantastic. The faux fur is sumptuous. The collar is huge and glorious.
3.  Everyone needs some extra fun in their wardrobe.

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Yalei Wang said...

Dude that orange coat is fab.