Wednesday, 12 February 2014

some thoughts on: facecare

Up until recently, my approach to my face was so low-maintenance that it must have bordered on neglect. Very little make up and probably even less basic care. But as Pharrell and my mum have both said "You have to take care of your skin". Given that 1. both my mum and Pharrell both have crazy good faces, 2. I feel like I've been a non-student for long enough to justify grown-up things like face-specific moisturiser and 3. I'm trying to buy fewer clothes this year (those excess funds need to go somewhere), 2014 seems like a good time to start taking care of my skin.

So I am trying to be diligent but my efforts have been haphazard so far. I'm exfoliating semi-regularly, I've been known to whack on a blemish-clearing face mask when I can remember, sometimes I even use toner before moisturising. And while I'm not convinced that I've achieved the sort of glowy smooth nirvana that an Aesop store seems to promise, I have to admit that I enjoy the process of looking after myself. Remembering to wash my face at night feels strangely synonymous with being a capable adult.

I still don't really wear much make up - because if I feel a bit tired and grumpy from working too hard, then surely it's better for me if my bare and spotty face very explicitly says to the big wide world, "I feel tired and grumpy from working too hard". But maybe (just maybe) it's got a little bit of a Pharrell-esque glow to it now.


discotheque confusion said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you're back.

I also 'LOLed' at this post- seeing the words 'thoughts on facecare' and then a well-placed 'give a fuck' face in flowerbed moment. I actually thought you were going to go on to say 'sod facecare'. I don't know, while I really enjoy a good peruse through Into The Gloss every now and then I think at the moment I subscribe to the 'facecare is just an industry' philosophy. I too am trying to save money this year (really hard when I went into Topshop earlier and saw the new Boutique items but for now I'm holding out in favour of saving the money to actually start some savings/a 'moving abroad maybe if I want to' fund.)

Anyway.. I digressed..where was I? Facecare... I don't know- is it worth it? I'm playing devil's advocate here. I'm all about washing my face every night and these days I actually use E45 instead of moisturiser (I know, I cringed when my friend recommended it but it's actually working out for me and is much cheaper than moisturiser) I also change my pillows lots and have a towel just for my face. I try to avoid excessively touching my face lots during the day and I do wear make up but always take it off. Recently I've been removing my make up, then just washing my face with hot water, followed by a shock of cold water to close my pores at night. A few times during the week I'll exfoliate or use actual facewash. All depends on your skin type though I guess. I suppose I'm still not earning a lot yet and so into looking at which areas of my life I'm prepared to be frugal with and skincare is one of those.

Whoa, look how into talking about facecare I got.. sorry for the excess.

And as I was saying GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!

discotheque confusion said...
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Yalei Wang said...

Haha, Asian mums ( i think? )! My mum is the same, she's always going on about how i have to look after my skin! my skin routine is so simple. I just wash my skin and sometimes moisturize and that's it. As for make up - never!

I feel like makeup 'cheapens' the aesthetic of ones outfit. Unless it's for a formal event or if it's just a simple lipstick color. Anymore and to me that's total overdrive!