Saturday, 30 November 2013

hanging with the beuys

Today I'm bringing you a tightly edited selection of low-quality outfit snaps inspired by the common theme of "looking slightly aggressive in front of things". In reality, I'm feeling A-OK at the time of both photos as I am 1a. standing in front of one of my favourite Joseph Beuys' works in the Pompidou Centre, 1b. standing in front of lots of stuff I own in my room (spot the clothesmoth spray!) and 2. feeling super cosy. I'm a big wimp so staying warm is higher on my list of priorities than looking catwalk ready. I have been diligently wearing two pairs of socks, leggings under trousers and, for those desparately frosty days, a leather jacket under a coat.

1a. Margaret howell jacket and trousers; comme des garçons top; converse; celine trio
1b. Weekday trench; acne leather jacket; meadham kirchhoff x topshop dress; american apparel shirt

1 comment:

Aida said...

love your coat and that you're wearing Meadham Kirchhoff!