Saturday, 15 June 2013


Christopher kane top, monki trousers, comme des garcons rubber shoes

This is what I'm wearing RIGHT NOW. This is an exciting statement for me because I usually feel like this blog is constantly playing catch up with actual life. Feeling inspired by the Margaret Howell talk at the V&A last night, I took the plunge with these rubber shoes at the Dover Street Market sale this morning. They feel very practical, as if I could go for row in the sea at a minute's notice, but not too serious or polished. Perfect for english summer days (anyone else get caught out in the torrential rain a couple of hours ago?).


Kb said...

Fit shoes! Nice to see you last night, very inspired now to get drawing some more. A tote will be bought ASAP.

Ally said...

This is one of those perfect outfits that makes me want to go and rethink my whole wardrobe.

I was at The School of Life talk too!! WEIRD! Did you try the food? It was SO GOOD!

I was also at the Margaret Howell talk... this is so freaky. Penny Martin is such a great interviewer.

One day we should actually meet and not just keep attending the same events!

discotheque confusion said...

Ah man, I bought a ticket to that talk but then ended up feeling like coming down esp from Manchester was too much effort. Maybe you could do a 'minutes' style post for those who didn't make it? It is so easy to get into a 'meh' rut with ones own wardrobe that the occasional inspiring shake up (from a talk or a film- Bill Cunningham, say (obvs)) is always so appreciated especially when it allows you to LOVE your own clothes again and think about new and creative ways of pairing them.

Yah yah. So basically this outfit is awesome and also please tell us more about the room you're standing in. I'm hoping there is a super comfy armchair out of sight in which to sit and peruse all of those inviting colourful childrens books...

Vanessa Walker said...

Rad, I really like those rubber shoes. Really makes the whole outfit